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Yep! Packaging and Branding

Entering a turning point in their spices and sauces brand, the father/ daughter duo behind Blue Moon Specialty Foods reached out to us to help with a packaging redesign project for their products that had gained massive popularity amongst the customers at their restaurant and market. Yet after speaking with them about their goals for the project, we helped them identify the need for discontinuing the use of both the parent company and product company branding on the PDP, and create a stand-alone, ownable identity for their products that would eliminate confusion around the brand name and create a unique presence in the spice and sauce category. We developed a fun, yet southern-rooted aesthetic that speaks to the brand’s heritage and still feels at home on the shelf. The system we implemented generates a seamless look across varying vessel sizes and shapes, delivers a fun, impactful energy full of color and movement, and ensures ease of adding new SKUs in the future. The cherry on top is the prioritization of messaging, efficiency of storytelling, and impactful icons for serving suggestions that we sprinkled throughout the label, making the small packaging real estate work harder than it ever has for their brand.

Photos by Carter Tippins Photography


Brand Design, Packaging Design