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Virgin Islands Coffee Roasters Packaging & Brand Design

Our work with the team at Virgin Islands Coffee Roasters was to completely reimagine their logo, brand and packaging. The new logo embodies the uniqueness of the Virgin Islands, using the Bananaquit bird as the icon, and hand-crafted typography.

Our objective with the packaging design for Virgin Islands Coffee Roasters was to capture the bright, wild, tropical feeling of the Caribbean without feeling too “beachy.”

We created a detailed illustration of the coffee plant with the bananaquit bird fluttering amongst the branches. The bananaquit is a common bird in the Virgin Islands known for its boldness and friendly nature, a perfect symbol for the Virgin Islands Coffee Roasters. The illustration meanders along the left side of the front and continues around the side gussets, frames the back panel content and even covers the bottom panel. We wanted the packaging to feel as though it was nestled amongst lush coffee plants.

All the colors used for the specific coffees are inspired by the landscape of the islands and the water that surrounds. Each coffee category has a subtle illustration of tropical foliage in the background to further deepen the connection with the locale and give the packaging a sense of place.


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