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ImmuneSchein Ginger Turmeric Scrolleez

Our clients at Immuneschein pride themselves on many things, a few of them being their yummy ginger elixir and their prioritization of sustainable practices. So when they came to us looking for packaging for their new product, a ginger candy made from the ginger byproduct from their elixirs, we were excited to help! 


Because it was a small and new product launch they wanted to be mindful of their investment in their packaging costs. So we opted for a custom label design to be used on ready-made resealable bags we helped them source. The use of the round label makes the off the shelf bag feel special while also being forgiving with placement as they are applying all of these by hand. The end result looks polished and intentional while still maintaining a handmade and artisanal vibe, being true to the product and brand.


Packaging Design