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Fire Cider Single Packs Packaging Design

We worked with the team at Fire Cider to bring their packaging to life in a smaller, more convenient format. Starting with their signature bottles, we translated the design onto the single flexopack, designed to be a single serving on the go. Real estate was at a premium so we helped them distil the information on their bottle and prioritize the most important, functional and of course required information and messaging on the flexopack. Just because it’s a small format doesn’t mean we couldn’t have fun with it though. We’re always looking for ways to tuck in special touches and the gusset at the bottom was just the place! 

The second part of this packaging project included the retail carton for the flexopacks.  Knowing they’d be used on both retail shelves to contain the individual packs as well as shipped directly to customers as a 12 pack it needed to be attractive yet functional. Again using the existing bottles as a jumping off point, we this time were able to elaborate on their packing’s storytelling, maximizing the larger surface area of the carton. 



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