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Packaging Design Diagnostic


Is it time to rethink your packaging design?

Our Packaging Design Diagnostic helps guide you through the next steps of your packaging journey. Whether you’ve just launched or have been around for a while, our process helps discover opportunities.


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You only have 1.5 seconds to reach your customers on the shelf. Are you positioned to stand out?

Let our Packaging Design Diagnostic help you find ways to increase your reach, cut through the competition, and connect with your customers in record time.

Our Packaging Design Diagnostic program is ideal for brands who have existing packaging but may not quite be ready to fully engage with an agency for a refresh or redesign.

We help brands understand where opportunities lie in regards to compliance, whether they are speaking to their target audience, and whether they stand out in their category amongst their competitors.

Whether a brand is ready to expand its retail accounts, make the first leap into retail, wants to ensure they are remaining competitive and fresh in a growing category, or simply wants a professional opinion, we are here to help.

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