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Founder Heather Lux was at a crossroads when we met her.

She had just learned that she would have to stop using the name of her old company’s name due to copyright issues.

True North results 89 percent retention

Results at a glance

Customer retention rate of 89% post redesign, with new customers everyday.

Finding New Direction

Losing the Splurge name gave Heather the opportunity to reinvent her company and launch something much more inline with her long term goals.

True North Before and After

The Leap

We worked with Heather to identify a new direction and name for her company. After several extensive naming exercises we finally landed on True North. In a sense, we helped Heather discover her company’s “true north.” We designed a logo that is young and energetic but also rich and luxurious.

True North Packaging Design Close Up

A Reflection of Quality

After we were satisfied with the new logo, we got to work on the packaging. The challenge was to create a brand new look that would not only reflect the high-end quality of the product but also disrupt conventional skincare design – all the while keeping the production affordable and economical. As we were creating the packaging system we needed something to reference nature but also act as a common element throughout. We chose malachite because it was not only symbolic (it’s a precious mineral with healing properties) but it was also interesting, elegant, and beautiful.

True North Packaging Design Overhead Beauty

Bringing it All Together

All of True North’s products are in unique container shapes, so we worked internally prototyping box and label sizes before reaching out to the production companies for final dielines. As we finalized the packaging design we coordinated closely with both the box and label printers to insure consistency in production. Bringing the printing companies into the creative process headed off potential roadblocks and revealed finishing opportunities like a spot varnish over the malachite texture, giving the packaging a unique look and feel.

True North Packaging Design UnScented Collection

How did Buttermilk make it better?

Over a year into the redesign, Heather has gained a 22% quarter over quarter sales increase. She has also received excellent feedback on the visual appeal of the brand which is opening doors from prestigious high end boutiques. And most importantly, the new brand has managed to keep most of the existing customers with an 89% customer retention rate.

True North Packaging Design Universal Collection

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