About Buttermilk Creative, a packaging design studio

About Us

We’re Buttermilk, a full service design studio focused on creating beautiful, results driven packaging design based in North Carolina.

The Studio

We’ve been working with brands from the inside & out for a combined +25 years helping tell their story. Based on our experience, we bring a unique perspective of what resonates with retailers & shoppers. 

Our Focus

Our previous experience working at a national specialty grocery retailer sparked our interest in the food and beverage industry. Working hand in hand with buyers and vendors, we gained valuable insight into not only what makes a successful brand, but also what gets it on the shelf and into customers’ baskets. 

Meet Andy

Andy Kurtts is the founder and creative director of Buttermilk Creative. Previously he led the in-house design group at The Fresh Market, a specialty grocery store. He loves a good coffee in the morning and a good bourbon at night. When he’s not working on packaging design he’s running in the backyard with his family Nicole (see below) his son Arlo and daughter Romy.

Meet Nicole

Nicole is the studio director for Buttermilk Creative which means she keeps all the plates in the air and the ducks in a row. Previously she led the store design department for The Fresh Market. In addition to her day job she also runs Mend Everyday Essentials creating handmade sewn goods. She can also be found running in the backyard with Andy, Arlo and Romy.

Our Capabilities

Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Web Design & Development
Content Creation
Art Direction