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Our favorite Pumpkin Packaging

Our favorite Pumpkin Packaging

Leaves are falling, a chill is in the air, shorter days, and there is massive amounts of pumpkin flavored products filling the marketplace. That’s right people- it is officially fall! Like it or not, the pumpkin has worked its way into our psyche and every year around this time we are drawn to anything carrying its warm, spicy, orange glow. Below Alex and I have picked out our favorite pumpkin packaging out there this year. So bundle up, grab a PSL, and enjoy!

Andy’s Picks

I have to admit; I am an absolute SUCKER for pumpkin stuff. I first encountered pumpkin themed products when I purchased my first pumpkin beer a few years back (featured below.) I was instantly enchanted with the flavor and spice that I would soon associate with “pumpkin” even though actual pumpkins don’t really taste like anything. Over the years I am more and more drawn to simplified integration of the pumpkin in packaging, a theme I think comes through in the products below.

1. Brooklyn Brewery’s Post Road Pumpkin Ale. Image via Brew York. 2. Big Boss Brewing Harvest Time Pumpkin Ale. Image via Beer Pulse. 3. Cocina Antica Tuscany Pumpkin pasta sauce. Image via Cucina Antica.

1. Brooklyn Brewery’s Post Road Pumpkin Ale

My all time favorite pumpkin packaging. This was my first foray into pumpkin flavored products. At the time it was the design that drew me to this packaging, not the fact that it was a pumpkin beer. I didn’t even know what that was at the time. I was immediately drawn to this dark gray package with this bright orange etched style pumpkin. And when I first bought this I don’t remember seeing that it was brewed by Brooklyn Brewery so it just had this mysteriousness about it- what is this Post Road? Who makes it? and why does it taste so damn good. As for design this takes the cake in my book: sophisticated color palette, not too over the top “fall” or “pumpkin”, the typography is a nod to the colonial time, when apparently our fore fathers brewed lots of pumpkin beer. And I love how simple the design is.

2. Big Boss Brewing Harvest Time Pumpkin Ale

Now for something completely different! After my initiation into the cult of pumpkin with Post Road I starting seeking the flavor out, especially in the beer aisle. Which led me to Big Boss Brewing’s offering: Harvest Time Pumpkin Ale. I love all of Big Boss’ design (done amazingly by Scott Pridgen and McKinney) so it’s no surprise I was drawn to this label. But more than that it’s just so bad ass. From the metallic ink, the illustrated skull, and the cliche horror movie typography it just screams “DRINK ME BEFORE I EAT YOUR BRAINS.” While the Post Road label is classic and harkens back to the colonial days, this one reminds us of the cheap thrills of a vintage horror flick. This is my second favorite pumpkin beer, Post Road is the first.

3. Cocina Antica Tuscany Pumpkin pasta sauce

Just so you don’t get the wrong idea and think all I do is sit around and drink beer my next product is Cucina Antica’s take on the pumpkin product. I love Cucina Antica’s labels, always have. I love how their labels look like a page ripped out of a sketchbook and this pumpkin one is no different. The pumpkin illustration is handled in a great way, loose and sketchy with just the right amount of detail. The color is great too and really draws you in since the rest of the label is just black on kraft. I also appreciate the simplicity and nod to the design structure of their other flavors in this label, just because its pumpkin doesn’t mean they have to reinvent the wheel.