#buttermilkorbust Triad Startup Lab 2014: Week Two - Buttermilk Creative

#buttermilkorbust Triad Startup Lab 2014: Week Two

#buttermilkorbust Triad Startup Lab 2014: Week Two

#buttermilkorbust is a weekly recap of our experiences going through the Triad Startup Lab 2014 Session B. For less formal updates you can follow #buttermilkorbust on Twitter. Missed a week? Click below to get caught up:

Week 1

Week Two of Triad Startup Lab was last week and it was a doozy. We identified some opportunities, challenges, and where we go from here.

Early in the week we came into the Lab and shared some potential exciting developments. Our friends Kent and Dana of Maslo Trading Co. were there as well so we bounced some ideas off of them. As we talked with the group the conversation eventually led to these questions:

What makes you different? What value do we bring?

We must answer these questions because design is not enough. Every business should really sit back and think about these two questions if you haven’t already.

Alex and I had previously landed on a statement we felt summed up the above questions. It went a little something like this: 

We’re Buttermilk, a small studio specializing in packaging, brand building, big ideas, delicious design and happy clients.

But after our discussion with the group we felt like this statement was merely scratching the surface. It was a starting place, but not nearly the finished product. And when we really stood back and read it there was no meat or substance.

Our next meeting in the Lab was Friday, so we hunkered down Wednesday night and got to work figuring out just what value do we bring? 

Working with a shared Google Doc we started pulling inspiration from other studios we felt had really great statements. From there we started listing our qualities and offerings. After lots of debate about what certain words meant, which qualities were priority, and of course some silliness to break up all the seriousness we arrived at the following statement:

We are down to earth. Ambitious. And a little scrappy. We create amazing and honest work. We will honor your vision and exceed your expectations. And we can do it at the drop of a hat. We aim to build lasting partnerships and promise to keep up our end of the bargain. Pinky swear.

We really feel like this sums up what Buttermilk brings to the table. It’s us for sure. The beginning speaks to our personalities, the middle gives you an idea of how we work, and the end brings it all home with a promise. 

Is it 100% there? We don’t know- we’re going to live with it for a little while. Try it out and see how well it fits. Right now we feel really good about it though. We also feel good about the leg work we did to get to this statement. We didn’t pull it out of thin air. This statement was born out of a process.

Our second day in the Lab was spent with Joel Bennet, Director of the Startup Lab, discussing important things like:

“Which clients do we want?”

“Where will we get those clients?”

“How can we get involved in the local business community?”

There was a lot of back and forth, both Joel challenging our ideas and thoughts, and us challenging his. Nurturing a new business is not pretty, nor for the faint of heart. But we didn’t get into this or want to go through the Startup Lab because it’s easy. Towards the end of our meeting we all identified some homework for Alex and I. In August, in an effort to get better plugged into the local business community, we will be attending the next “synerG On Tap” social meet up on August 13th, as well as identifying one more networking opportunity before the end of the month. We will also be going into the Lab this upcoming week to meet with a networking professional and hopefully learn some tips and tricks.

Looking back it was a big week in the Lab. Some questions were answered, thoughts completed, but tons more were posed and opened up. It’s hard to believe we have 8 more weeks! Let’s do this!